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Math Basics

Counting, adding, and measuring are valuable skills that all children must learn. This informative series uses high-interest topics to guide young readers through a variety of math basics. Each book includes easy-to-read text and vibrant photos, making this series a great choice for beginning readers.

  • Engaging, straightforward text walks early readers through basic math concepts.
  • Index, picture glossary, and table of contents aid in comprehension.
  • Supports education standards: CCS RI K.1–7


Little Blue Readers Level 1
Copyright: 2021
Reading Level: Grades PreK–1
Interest Level: Grades PreK–2
Dewey: 510
Trim Size: 8 x 8
Page Count: 16


Library bound: $17.95 library / $25.64 list
Set of 8: $143.60 library / $205.12 list

Paperback price: $7.95
Set of 8: $63.60

Hosted eBook price: $17.95

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Book title GRL Library Bound ISBN Paperback ISBN Hosted eBook ISBN
Math Basics (Set of 8)
978‑1‑64619‑163‑5 978‑1‑64619‑197‑0 978‑1‑64619‑231‑1
Adding Apples
D 978‑1‑64619‑164‑2 978‑1‑64619‑198‑7 978‑1‑64619‑232‑8
Counting Cars
B 978‑1‑64619‑165‑9 978‑1‑64619‑199‑4 978‑1‑64619‑233‑5
Measuring at School
B 978‑1‑64619‑166‑6 978‑1‑64619‑200‑7 978‑1‑64619‑234‑2
Naming Money
A 978‑1‑64619‑167‑3 978‑1‑64619‑201‑4 978‑1‑64619‑235‑9
Penguin Patterns
C 978‑1‑64619‑168‑0 978‑1‑64619‑202‑1 978‑1‑64619‑236‑6
Shapes Everywhere
A 978‑1‑64619‑169‑7 978‑1‑64619‑203‑8 978‑1‑64619‑237‑3
Sorting Toys
D 978‑1‑64619‑170‑3 978‑1‑64619‑204‑5 978‑1‑64619‑238‑0
Subtracting Spiders
C 978‑1‑64619‑171‑0 978‑1‑64619‑205‑2 978‑1‑64619‑239‑7


School Library Journal/Series Made Simple, April 2021

With an emphasis on building literacy skills for emerging readers, these books present mathematical concepts such as adding, sorting, and identifying patterns. Each title provides several examples of the area of math being discussed, along with a simple sentence explaining it. For example, Naming Money shows various types of change, and Counting Cars shows increasing numbers of different colored cars (“I count four cars. The cars are red”). The repetitive sentence structure is designed to aid beginning readers, and page layouts include colorful photographs that align with the text on the page. This is helpful for both comprehension and for practicing the math skill being explored. A visual glossary is provided at the end. ­VERDICT These slim titles effectively combine early literacy skills with a chance to practice basic mathematics.

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